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DABS for Business

For businesses of any size and in any industry, the question of employee and customer safety has never been more important.

The new reality means business premises may be forced to close at any moment.

What can business leaders do to reduce this risk in the future? 

Protective Equipment

In addition to a large increase in cleaning, most businesses have invested heavily in protective equipment for their employees – especially in masks and gloves.

These solutions bring their own issues.

The constant changing of gloves can result in employees going through tens of gloves in a single shift. In addition to the financial toll of disposable gloves, the environmental consequences are extreme. 

How does a company that takes its Green principles seriously balance employee safety with reducing pollution?

By being reusable and washable, DABS gloves offer a solution



Branding and Corporate Image

If you are the type of organisation that assigns a uniform or dress code to their employees, the introduction of masks and gloves may have caused concern. 
Clinical, unprofessional and cumbersome nitrile gloves in particular are unsuitable for companies with a strong brand identity.
DABS gloves have been designed by fashion industry professionals to look clean, sleek and minimalistic. They can also be customised to match with your brand guidelines.

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