#1 – The story of DABS

The best ideas are those that solve problems.

For me it was the handshake.

In the grand scheme of things its a minor loss, especially when we consider what some less fortunate than ourselves have lost to the 2020 pandemic. Tragic as this entire year has been, losing the handshake is a loss I have noticed in particular. Back when it all started I would be meeting people for the first time, and have to engage in this weird introduction where you had to keep a distance whilst also welcoming them. It’s awkward and quite embarrassing for both parties.

Oh the handshake, how I missed you. Such a respectable, equitable approach to greeting someone. Look them right in the eye and hold out your hand. Very classy.

And yet when the virus struck sticking out your hand became dangerous – something to recoil from. I’m reminded of this brilliant video of Jurgen Klopp telling off a Liverpool fan.

When we got our first prototypes of DABS gloves through the handshake was the first thing I tested. It feels good to take something back from Coronavirus, however small.

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