Protection for you, for us, for everyone

DABS Gloves are treated with Polygiene ViralOff technology, making them protective and safe.

ViralOff is an anti-microbial treatment added to the textile to protect the glove from contamination, and allowing the glove to sanitize itself. This ensures a 99% reduction of viruses over 2 hours*. 

ViralOff doesn’t interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora, and is therefor a more gentle alternative to the constant use of hand sanitizer. 

To save money, water and extend the effective life of the treatment you only need wash the glove after excessive dirt build up. The Polygiene treatment will prevent the build up of Odors, meaning you only need wash when necessary.

For more information on ViralOff, please visit the Polygiene website

*DABS are not medical products, and ViralOff is not intended to cure or protect against viruses.