#2 – Coronavirus and plastic pollution

It’s hard to think of a time where this will all start to return to normal, but it will. We’re a hardy species us humans. But when it does we’re going to have to count the cost of all this: human, economic, but also environmental. This paper in the Environmental Science and Technology journal estimates that 65 billion gloves will be used monthly during the course of the crisis, and those are all single use plastic gloves. We would like to think they will end up being recycled or carefully disposed of, but in all likelihood they will end up in a landfill or on a beach somewhere waiting to be swallowed by a dolphin. I don’t know about you but I’d like my kids to be able to see a dolphin one day. We need to be buying products that will last and can be reused. This was central to creating DABS – how do we make these sustainable? Buy, wear, wash and reuse. That is central to what we have created.

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